sábado, janeiro 08, 2005

Momento Family Guy 02

Stewie está sentado na sala, ao lado da televisão, a ler O Princípe de Maquievel e com outro livro junto dele.

Stewie: Bah! Machiavelli, you told me nothing I don't alreay know! Aaah, Sun Tzu's The Art of War...!
Lois: Stewie, those books aren't for babies! Here, watch the Tele Tubbies. (liga a televisão)
Stewie: How dare you! That book may hold the key to my enslaving of all mankind (olha para a televisão)...uuh fuzzie...
Tele Tubbies: Haha! Hihi! Tickles! Haha!
Stewie: God! The more I resist the more intriging they become...I can't look away!
Tele Tubbies: Again, again...
Stewie: Yes! Yes! Again! Again! Oh dear God, please! Once more!
Peter: Sorry Stewie, ANE Biography is doing the life of that other guy from Wham. (muda de canal)
Stewie: I'm free! Free from the spell of those diabolical Tele Tubbies! (virando-se para o Peter). Thank you! When the world is mine your death shall be quick and painless!

Episódio: A Hero Sits Next Door

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