domingo, dezembro 19, 2004

Momento Family Guy 01

Meg e Chris montam a árvore de Natal enquanto o Stewie olha. Entra a Lois.

Lois: "Stewie, honey! Time for bed. You've a big day tomorrow, baby Jesus."
Stewie: "Trust me, woman: if I could walk on water I would stroll you out to the middle of a lake and hold your head under until the bubbles stopped!"
Lois: "Ooh! Someone's being naughty, not nice. You know Santa's watching you!"
Stewie: "What the devil do you mean, watching?"
Lois: "Well honey Santa's making a list and checking it twice."
Meg: "He sees you when you're sleeping"
Chris: "And he knows when you're awake. I almost caught him last year, but he's magic!"
Stewie: "Constant survaillance of every child on earth: impossible! Unless...hidden cameras! Oooh! Very cleaver! Wathcing to see if I'm naughty, are you? Well, check this twice!" (mostra o rabo para uma figura do Pai Natal pendurada na árvore)

Episódio: A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas

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