quinta-feira, julho 12, 2007

A excepção polaca - Protesto (iii)

Parece que o secretariado do Partido Socialista Europeu anda a responder às mensagens de protesto. A Fuckitall já recebeu uma resposta e eu dei pela minha há uns minutos atrás. Passo a citar na integra:

Dear Madam/Sir,

It is with great interest that I have received your mail related to the reform of the Treaties, expressing your concerns about the unilateral declaration by Poland on the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

As you are probably aware, the Socialist Group in the European Parliament has welcomed the decision of the European Council to convene an Intergovernmental Conference. We also welcomed a number of aspects of the mandate, while regretting some shortcomings and notably the derogations granted to some Member States. As stated in the parliamentary report drafted by PES Member of Parliament Jo Leinen: "The mandate allows for an increasing number of derogations granted to Member States from the implementation of major provisions of the envisaged Treaties that could lead to a weakening of the cohesion of the Union".

In this respect we fully share your concerns about the derogation granted to Poland in the field of fundamental rights. We do believe indeed that this derogation may lead to double standards in Europe, and this in a policy area at the very heart of our ethical values.

Therefore I can ensure you that our Group will carefully follow the work of the IGC, especially with regard to this matter.

Anna Colombo
Secretary General of the PES Group in the European Parliament

Suponho que seja igual à recebida pela Fuckitall . Afinal, a Europa dos valores essenciais ainda mexe alguma coisa nas altas instâncias políticas comunitárias. Aguardemos por mais respostas e desenvolvimentos, mas enquanto isso o protesto continua!

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